Nexto Pharmaceuticals is active in the distribution of medical devices to various public and private hospitals, clinics and health centres in Ghana. Nexto Pharmaceuticals currently focuses its activities on the distribution in Ghana of six families of products: Sutures, Cannulas, Medical Gloves, Gauze, Catheters and Nurse Caps.


Nexto Pharmaceuticals is also a distributor of other medical/pharmaceutical equipment upon request, example as hospital beds.



Surgical sutures are medical devices used to hold body tissues together after an injury or surgery. Application generally involves using a needle with an attached length of thread. Nexto deals with four key sub-products: vicryl, nylon, chromic and monocryl, whose types depend on the component, usage and quality of the sutures (absorbable, synthetic, braided, etc.)


A cannula is a tube that can be inserted into the body, often for the delivery or removal of fluid, or for the gathering of data. Nexto distributes five different sizes of cannulas on the Ghanaian market: 16g, 18g, 20g, 22g and 24g. The purpose, the condition of the patient and the urgency at which intravenous fluid must be delivered determine which cannula size must be used (the smaller the gauge, the larger the diameter of the cannula and the faster the flow of fluid).

Medical Gloves

Medical gloves are disposable gloves used during medical examinations and procedures that help prevent cross-contamination between caregivers and patients. Medical gloves are made of different polymers  including  latex,  nitrile  rubber,  vinyl    and neoprene. Nexto distributes two types of medical gloves: surgical gloves (sterilized) and examination gloves (powdered).


A gauze dressing is typically used to cover wounds for the purpose of helping them heal faster and preventing infection or further injury. Nexto Pharmaceuticals sells 7 sub-categories of gauze: plastered gauze (3, 4 and 6 inches), gauze rolls (100 and 50 yards) and cotton (250 and 500 grams).


A catheter is a thin tube made from medical grade materials that can be inserted in the body to treat diseases or perform a surgical procedure. Nexto deals with 5 sub-products including syringes and needles (2, 5 and 10 ml), Foley catheters and water/blood giving sets.

Nurse Caps

This category includes surgical caps and face masks.

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